Aging in place is what seniors want! In-home care helps achieve that goal

Almost 90% of seniors prefer to stay in their own homes as they get older.  Aging in place enhances quality of life and raises self-esteem. It can also improve physical health by avoiding some of the health risks that are found in shared spaces. These benefits can help seniors to remain happy and healthy into old age.


Here are some benefits to hiring home care.

Companionship and Social Opportunities

Social interaction is important for all of us and seniors are no exception. This could be something simple like having coffee together, cooking, or going for walks. Caregivers stave off loneliness and depression in older Americans.

Safe Transportation

There comes a point when it’s unsafe for aging adults to drive. Giving up their keys is a blow to independence and limits their ability to run errands and perform other tasks like buying groceries and going to church. In-home caregivers allow the senior to keep participating in the world outside and helps them remain physically and mentally active.

Oversight of Daily Life

In-home caregivers can keep any eye on your loved ones and will recognize any changes in their health or behavior. These include refusal to eat, sudden weight loss, and fluctuation in memory and reasoning. Care helpers in the home will notice these changes and act quickly to remedy the situation.

Peace of Mind for the Family

When your loved ones are older and show signs of needing help at home, it’s impossible not to worry. Home care services offer personalized help that a sole caregiver can’t realistically offer full time. This valuable addition can reduce the family’s stress level and prevent caregiver burnout.


Why hire a company versus an individual? 

When it comes to hiring outside caregivers, do you homework. Ask for references and clearly define your needs. You have the option of hiring a personal home caregiver (an individual) or a company like AmareVida. The benefit of hiring a company is that we find additional help if a caregiver calls in sick or you discover that the employee is not the perfect match.


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